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Web Hosting in Torquay, Geelong and Surf Coast

Our Clients

Our services are catered to locally-based small and medium sized business enterprises, or SME’s in the Torquay, Geelong and the surf coast. That way, we are sure to provide ample personalised service of the utmost quality to our clients. Our web hosting process depends on your needs, which we make sure to follow closely and help you achieve.

Save Time and Money

Why deal with all of the technical details of maintaining your website when we already have the expert knowledge to maintain it for you? When you are focusing on running your company and catering to clients of your own, hosting your website can be a hassle. We take care of the technical upkeep, giving you more time to spend bettering your organisation. You can also expect the same quality in our website hosting services that you receive in our web design services, at the same low pricing.

Round the Clock Support

How often will we update your website? As often as necessary. Our continual web hosting services are constantly reviewing and applying any technical or system upgrades and changes. You never have to worry about any technical specifications or standards, or feel obligated to update your website after a certain amount of time. Since our company relies on professional quality servers, our system is always up-and-running, meaning that we can always update your website, even when other systems might be down. You can rest easy knowing that our support team is available to address any concerns or questions regarding your website at any time. We are here to assist you, day or night.

What Is Included

When you choose Zing Studio for your website hosting needs, the following web hosting amenities will be automatically applied to your website whenever needed:

* Website moving. We are able to efficiently and smoothly transition your website from one domain to another if necessary.

* Security upgrades. Every now and then, security upgrades will be available for your website, ensuring the privacy and safety of your company and website.

* Minor website changes. When needed, we can update your website with any changes, whether it be design, content, etc., delivering and maintaining a polished final product.

* Domain name registration. Let us take the hassle out of registering your website’s domain name. We work to secure you the domain you want for your website.

Let Us Host You

Our company is located in the Torquay, Geelong, and Surf Coast areas, meaning that we are close to you and is just a phone call or short drive away. Call Zing Studio whenever you’re ready to move your website and your company forward with our web hosting services.

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