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Responsive Website Design

Responsive websites are designed with every internet capable device in mind

Recent surveys show that people are increasingly moving away from browsing the internet on their desktop computers. Many users today now prefer to use their mobile phones and tablets for browsing, checking their email, and social networking at all times of the day and night.

Writing copy for your website

Understand how readers do and don’t read on the Internet

When reading on the internet an individual will read at a pace of 25% slower than material that has been printed. Internet content should be shortened to half that printed material.

Zing helps InTune Myotherapy increase business by 26%

Moving her business from Boronia to Torquay, myotherapist and owner of InTune Myotherapy, Amy Vogels, had to build a new clientele in a

Top 10 Trends for Web Design in 2013

With web technology advancing faster than ever today, there have already been some critical shifts in web design so far in 2013. Below, we count down the top 10 web design trends for this year.

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