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Local businesses go online to survive Covid-19

Here at Zing Studio we’ve been helping small local businesses for the past seven years, predominantly to establish a website presence, create online stores and support their online marketing strategies.

As we know, the last three weeks have seen a drastic change in our economic and social environments due to Covid-19, and the way we do business has changed for so many businesses, with the potential to never be the same again.

This situation has seen businesses react in different ways. Personally in speaking with many business owners over this past week, it seems many are in a state of shock and unable to see the opportunity that may be there, and as a result delay or cancel the building of their websites.

On the other hand, other businesses have taken the opportunity to look at their business differently. For many, the normal path to market has drastically reduced or gone all together, and they’ve realised that they need to pivot and change the way they do business. This has meant getting their business online so that their customers, and in some cases new customer base can still buy from them.

One example of this is M & J Nolan Dairy Distributors, a small local business who, before Covid-19, were delivering premium dairy products from local dairy producers to the greater Geelong and Surfcoast areas.

For over 30 years M & J Nolan supplying Sungold Milk, milk alternatives and other products such as juice, cheese, butter and cream to cafes and restaurants. However given the current situation, most of these cafes and restaurants are all very quiet or closed.

Since Matt and Jessica Nolan approached us, we’re now in the process of urgently building an online store where households can sign up to a subscription to have milk and related products delivered directly to their door on a weekly or regular basis.

With a new website live very soon, we’re proud to be part of helping their business not only change direction but survive through this terrible time.

Once this current crisis is over, we anticipate that more people, even businesses, will be working from home or online shopping than ever before, so businesses that act now are not only saving their business now but setting themselves up for the future.

For any business out there in a similar situation, contact Dennis Hooiveld at Zing Studio on 0438 575 256 if you would like to have a chat.

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  Dennis Hooiveld

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