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The benefits of an SSL certificate for your website

For many small businesses today, the website plays numerous critical roles. Your website may generate a considerable number of leads for your business. It could process sales or have other essential functions. However it may not be as effective and as secure as it should be. Adding an SSL certificate gives you extra benefits.

What Is an SSL Certificate?

Online security is a primary concern for today’s consumers. Regardless of whether you operate an e-commerce website or a have a basic information website, your customers need to have confidence that the information that they input on your website is protected. SSL technology implements an encrypted link between the user’s browser and your web server. As a result, any information that is conveyed between these two units is safe from hacking and other cyber threats. Today’s users know to look for a lock icon on their browser’s URL line or to be observant for the “Not Secure” label that may otherwise be in this area. Users can also look at the URL for insight about the website’s security. HTTP is the standard URL prefix for an unsecure site where as HTTPS indicates that the website has an SSL certificate and is safe.

SSL Certificate secure

This is how website with SSL appears

Security for Your Customers

One of the most important reasons to add an SSL certificate to your business’s website is directly linked to your customers. The certificate provides an extra and crucial layer of protection against the efforts of cyber criminals. This includes contact information and credit card data. Even if your website does not process transactions, the information that is provided by the customer via contact forms also needs to be protected.

A Foundation of Trust

Your website may be one of the first contacts that your customers have with your business. When users see that you have taken an extra step to protect their data, you lay the foundation for trust. On the other hand, customers who are not familiar with your business may view your business poorly or may even question its legitimacy and ethical standards if it is not secure. Without the certification, your website may lose sales.

Enhanced SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Today’s leading search engines such as Google, now take into account the security of websites in their rankings. This holds true for e-commerce sites and other types of websites. With an SSL certificate, your website may receive better rankings, and this directly results in more inquiries.

Installing an SSL Certificate

Your website hosting company can install the certificate to incorporate its security benefits, and this effort will be followed by a redirect to an HTTPS URL. To learn more about SSL and to request assistance with certificate installation, contact Zing Studio Torquay today.

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