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Announcing New, Flexible Payment Option for Geelong Small Businesses

As a small company, investing in a new and innovative website design requires a lot of internal debate. On the one hand, you know that a smart, attractive, and user-friendly website can bring in a lot of new clients. On the other hand, most services require at least 50% of the cost down with the other 50% paid upon the completion of the website—if not the whole amount paid up front.

This means that many small businesses pay for the cost of their new website before seeing any return on their investment.

That’s why we do things different at Zing Studio, offering a far more flexible payment option to small businesses that breaks up the cost over time and takes a little pressure off a tight budget. We’re excited to announce our new 12-month payment plan—perfect for small businesses in Geelong, Torquay, and beyond.

How Our Flexible Payment Option Works

Rather than paying 50% (or 100%) toward your new web design up front, our new instalment plan allows you to pay in 12 monthly payments over a year-long period. Essentially, by the time your website is active—4-6 weeks after you make the first payment—you will only have paid about 16.5% of the total cost before the leads start rolling in from your new website design.*

This means that your website can literally cover the majority of its cost through increased leads!

By listening to the voices of our primarily Geelong and Torquay-based small business customers, we’ve learned that this more flexible payment plan can make a huge difference.

Start Today, Pay Later

With such a small percentage of the cost due prior to your new website going active, Zing Studio’s flexible payment option makes it easier than ever to take control of your online presence. While fewer than half of all Geelong and Torquay-based companies maintain a conscious online presence, user-friendly, smart, and innovative web designs are proven to bring in far more customers than word-of-mouth or traditional advertising practices alone.

Plus, Zing Studio works to ensure that you get the highest possible rate of return for your investment. We make sure that your web designs work across platforms, assuring that your web pages look as compelling on laptop computers as they do on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

We also employ easy-to-use content management systems, which makes updating your site a breeze—and we walk you through your search engine optimisation (SEO) process to bring as many visitors to your impressive new website as possible.

Signing up for our Flexible Payment Option

Contact us today to talk to one of our friendly tech experts and learn how to sign up for our flexible payment plan. Increasing your online presence through a well-designed website means taking the first step towards your small business’s increased success.

* This option requires a terms and conditions document to be signed by the customer. The terms and conditions document includes a clear payment schedule for the 12-month payment plan.

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