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    Dennis Hooiveld
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5 Signs That You Should Redesign Your Website

While redesigning your website is probably the last thing you want to take the time (and money) to do, sometimes it’s necessary to sustain or improve business growth. Whether your website is failing to meet your organisation’s needs or getting a bit outdated, here are five key signs that your website could use a makeover.


Reason #1: Your results aren’t meeting expectations.

Chances are you didn’t put your company’s website together for fun—you wanted to see results in the form of increased sales, brand recognition, traffic, and more. And, as appealing and functional as your website might be, if it’s not helping fulfil your business goals, then it needs to be revisited.

Luckily, working with a web design expert can make it easy to understand and fix the areas where your website is struggling.

Reason #2: Your website doesn’t match your current brand voice.

Like people, brands and businesses have personalities that shift over time. As your business evolves, it will likely mature into a company with a more established personality.

If your business has developed a unique, engaging, original voice over the years, then your website should reflect this change. Keep your web presence consistent with your company personality by giving it a much-needed redesign.


Reason #3: Your pages don’t effectively work across platforms.

Developing an effective website today means creating pages that are visually stunning and user friendly when viewed across half a dozen platforms. From the standard desktop computer to the laptop to the smartphone and tablet and more, you want your site to result in high conversion rates, regardless of your potential customer’s device.

If you developed your website prior to the emergence of responsive web design, then you may be losing customers. A redesign can easily help you catch those visitors who may otherwise be falling through the cracks.


Reason #4: Your website is not social media integrated.

While most traffic still comes from organic searches, referrals, or direct visits, internet users are increasingly finding websites through social media platforms. If you aren’t engaging with the public via these platforms, chances are that even your key customers are forgetting that you exist.

With an estimated 75% of all Australians using social media, your company should not only have a presence across these platforms, but should also enable visitors to easily repost, share, tweet, and pin your materials.


Reason #5: Your design is outdated.

As with all artistic arenas, website designs change over time—and even faster in the digital realm! As a brief trip through the history of website design trends shows, a lot has changed even since 2008. From cluttered, loud, and text-heavy designs, webpages have become far sleeker and more minimalistic.

Year-to-year design trends, however, are far more difficult to track, which is why working with a website design expert can be a valuable investment. Keep your web presence engaging, eye appealing, current, and fun to ensure that your company stays relevant to users.


Website Redesigns: A Solid Investment

A prominent web presence is a cost effective, accessible, convenient, and credibility-building tool. By making and maintaining this investment in your business, you’ll continue to bring in leads and improve visibility.


With a skilled website design expert by your side, revamping your web presence can be far easier and less expensive than ever before. Take the first step toward an improved web presence today by talking to one of Zing Studio’s web designers.

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