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Too Good to be True? The Pros & Cons of Build-Your-Own Website Platforms

If you listen to any podcasts, chances are that you’ve been inundated by advertisements from build-your-own website platforms; businesses such as Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly have learned that podcasts are a great way to reach business owners.

What you may not know is whether these one-size-fits-all website builders are worth it. Yes, they seem to save time and money, but do they really make good use of your limited resources?

Let’s take a look at both the positive and negative aspects of working with website builder platforms to build your web presence, and when it’s worth investing in a web designer.

On the Plus Side

Template-based websites can seem especially appealing; after all, they seem to offer a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) model for website development. For small businesses throughout Australia and beyond, this self-reliance approach initially sounds perfect, offering lower costs, easy-to-use themes, drag and drop tools, and visually appealing templates.

There’s no denying that website builder platforms offer a great opportunity for companies with limited resources, especially if they don’t have access to a website design company that offers more flexible payment plans.

Simply put, website builder platforms get the job done, providing businesses with a web presence that is more or less manageable. With customer support and other web tools, they certainly offer a better value than attempting to build a website yourself from scratch.

On the Negative Side

There are many shortcomings to DIY website platforms, however.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “time is money”? Well, your time as a business owner is valuable, whether you’re a contractor in Torquay or a chiropractor in Geelong. Any time put into learning and maintaining your website is taken away from wearing another of your countless hats. Using these platforms often means that you’re forced to play dozens of additional roles, including managing your own content and marketing efforts.

Even if you are a tech wizard, working with the limited options offered by build-your-own website platforms can be demoralising. While an especially skilled businessperson may be able to come up with a website that is workable and looks acceptable, the end result simply won’t be as user friendly, marketable, or visually appealing as one developed outside of these platforms.

Going With a Web Designer vs. a Website Builder Platform

We suggest saving yourself time (and, as a result, money) by handing over your website’s development to an expert. Web designers, like those on Geelong’s Zing Studio team, are well-trained across multiple fields, making sure that your web presence isn’t simply beautiful and responsive but will also get you more traffic and better traction with leads.

Plus, web design experts are typically skilled at SEO, an essential part of an effective web presence, meaning that we’re doing so much more than simply building a website. Offering assistance with marketing, SEO, and web maintenance on top of custom web design, we also keep abreast of all new technologies and trends—so that you don’t have to.

More Feasible Payment Plans

With a website builder platform, small businesses in the Surf Coast and beyond can save money in the short run, allowing them to save up to hire web designers in the future. However, new payment plans offered by select web design companies, including Zing Studio, make it easy for even those in the earliest phases of business to make a huge impact with their online presence.

Check in with us at Zing Studio today to get started building your custom, innovative, responsive website today. Pay as little as 10% down and watch your new website (and its increased leads) literally pay for itself!


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