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Zing Studio’s Web Design Experts Help Geelong Businesses Thrive

We get it, being a small business owner can be incredibly stressful. After all, you’re personally responsible for the entirety of your organisation’s success, including marketing, accessibility, and customer service.

At Zing Studio, we know that you have enough on your plate—that’s why we ensure that your web presence contributes to making your business thrive. We understand that you don’t simply want a website, but rather a successful web presence that translates into leads. That’s why we provide the best web design and support possible in the Geelong area, Australia, and beyond.

But don’t just take our word for it—in this article, we offer an overview of how our innovative web design, top-rated SEO tactics, online marketing methods, and web hosting services have helped two specific Geelong-based businesses flourish.

Geelong-Based Johnstone Designs Gets New Website Design and SEO

Like many small businesses, Johnstone Designs, a Geelong-based landscaping company, initially attempted to do it all themselves, including developing a website through a popular content management company. They soon discovered that even these so-called “easy-to-use” tools can often require a strong technical background. Thus, Johnstone Designs found that they had invested a lot of time and money with little to show for it—their website was simply unappealing and performing poorly.

Frustrated and a bit overwhelmed, Anth, owner of Johnstone Designs, came to Zing Studio on the recommendation of several friends. After just one meeting, Zing Studio’s team immediately began revamping the business’s website to take it from blah to wow. Zing Studio Managing Director Dennis Hooiveld worked with Anth to design a visually appealing and streamlined site, applying the latest search engine optimisation techniques and increasing performance dramatically.

In the first month alone, thanks to their improved website, Johnstone Designs received four times the number of design jobs than they previously averaged on a monthly basis! Anth was staggered to learn how quickly his investment had paid off, especially compared to their previous site. Not only that, Anth explained, but the insights his team gained from Zing Studio’s analytics support enabled them to “discover that the majority of our online marketing happens in the evenings when renovation programs are showing - we wouldn’t even know this without Dennis and his team’s help!”

Having retained Zing Studio’s services long term, Johnstone Designs receives a monthly update regarding SEO success and site performance. They can see their investment continuing to pay off as people view and interact with their responsive website. “Now that our business is performing so well,” Anth explained, “we’re excited to start growing,” especially knowing that Zing Studio employees will be there to help them every step of the way.

Geelong’s Own Velocity Solar Thrives With First-Ever Website Design and SEO

Unlike Johnstone Studios, Velocity Solar, another Geelong-based company, came to Zing Studio without a website in place. Director Brad Ott and the rest of the team at this esteemed solar company knew that they offered a high-demand, ecologically-imperative service, but they weren’t sure how to get the word out to folks in Geelong and the surrounding area.

Not only was Zing Studio able to set up a website that met their high aesthetic standards, but we also ensured that they were able to benefit from using high-impact search engine optimisation standards and keywords. In just three months, Velocity Solar went from zero web presence to receiving an average 1–2 organic leads per week, leading to a 40% conversion rate (compared to 15% previously).

In short, by adding not just any website, but an effective and attractive web presence, we were able to ensure that Velocity Solar saw thousands in additional profit each month.

Now that they are on the path to extraordinary growth, Zing Studio focuses on providing Velocity Solar employees with training and ongoing support, ensuring that any problem that arises with their webpage becomes ours instead of theirs—and that it’s resolved quickly by our capable team.

In Geelong and Beyond: Become Our Next Web Design Success Story

It takes more than a website to build a successful online business. By incorporating SEO standards, top-of-the-line web design, the latest online marketing tools, and the best web hosting services available, you can ensure that your business earns and retains a superior online reputation.

Don’t just build a website, build a reputable web presence by working with Zing Studio’s premier web content specialists.

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