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Best Homepage Web Design Principles for a Small Business

Why is website homepage design so important?

Because first impressions matter.

For many businesses, their website plays an important part in their marketing endeavours. A website’s homepage is its virtual foyer, a welcome area where visitors will spend some time before exploring the rest of the site. It is generally the most visited page on a website, and possibly the only chance for a company to create a great first impression. Leads may not always be converted here, but lack of a good first impression means few people are going to hang around.

  • The best homepage designs have the following effects:
  • They attract and capture visitors’ attention
  • They inform visitors about the company’s brand
  • They persuade visitors and simplify their navigation of the website’s other pages
  • They offer a clear call to action that prompts visitors to engage further

Can’t figure out why your homepage is failing to convert leads into customers? Here are some elements for best homepage design practices for a small business.

Essential Components of Good Homepage Web Design

  1. Who Are You?

    This is where the company’s identity should be established. Make sure the visitor knows they’ve come to the right place. A brief statement about who you are as a company is crucial in providing visitors with an instant emotional and positive connection with the business.

    The homepage should also instantly communicate what the business sells or provides. Use of a well-placed logo, slogans, headlines, titles, and images can quickly but efficiently convey this message to visitors.

  2. Keep it Simple

    A cluttered homepage can be confusing, distracting, and overwhelming for visitors and is unlikely to establish that emotional and positive connection mentioned above. Keep the homepage simple by:

    • Providing plenty of white space
    • Using text that is easy to read
    • Making it easy to navigate. The different sections of the website should be clearly labelled and easy to find.
  3. Keep Scrolling to a Minimum

    One of the best homepage design practices is to keep important information above the fold. The “fold” refers to the part of the homepage that visitors can see without scrolling.

    Something to keep above the fold is a local area code for local businesses. This immediately informs potential customers that the business is local and could be the reason they stay on the site.

    It is important to note that what may be above the fold when browsing on a laptop will differ from what’s above the fold on a tablet or smartphone. It is therefore important to ensure that the homepage, and ultimately the website as a whole, is also mobile friendly. Test the homepage design across all devices to verify that important information is kept above the fold.

  4. What Makes You Different and What’s In It For Me?

    Although it is important to let visitors know what products or services the company provides (list 2 to 4 of the main services offered), it is also important to let visitors know why it matters. Visitors need to know how the business can solve their problem.

    What benefit is in it for them?

    Why should they choose your business over your competitor?

    Making sure this information is easy to find, easy to read, visually pleasing, and in a language the customer can relate to is vital. The homepage should immediately answer potential customers’ questions and entice them to explore the website further.

  5. Clear Call to Action

    A Call to Action (CTA) is a message designed to prompt an instantaneous response from consumers. A CTA should always be kept above the fold. It should also be:

    • Visually striking
    • Brief – 5 words or less. Examples include, “Contact us,” “Sign up,” or “Buy now”
  6. Use of Testimonials

    Testimonials provide potential customers with the element of trust. Many people are unlikely to believe that your products or services are the best unless they hear it from someone else.

    Choose a few of the best and shortest testimonials for the company’s homepage and be sure to include names and photos for credibility.


It’s All About the User

When it comes to best homepage design principles, it’s important to remember that it’s all about the user and their experience. Ideally, you want them to not only explore your website but engage.

These are just the basics, but there’s much more to do. Contact us today for assistance with all your web design needs.

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