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Tips for Opening a Successful eCommerce Webstore

If you're reading this article, you're probably interested in opening your own eCommerce webstore. You're on the right track; eCommerce can be an incredibly lucrative business.

Opening an eCommerce store is no walk in the park though. Many webstores never get off the ground, or remain in the red until their domain name is sold. That's why we're here to help - the following tips will get you started off on the right foot.

  1. Make sure your site loads quickly:

    Studies have found that most online shoppers expect every site they visit to load in less than two seconds. If it doesn't, your visitors will likely leave before seeing what your webstore has to offer. To make sure your webstore loads quickly, adhere to the following tip:

  2. Don't overload your site with features:

    Every successful eCommerce site has several features in common: crisp, high-quality product images, search-optimized writing, and an easy search function. Make sure that the site loads as smoothly on a mobile device as it does on a desktop; recent reports indicate that nearly half of all eCommerce shopping cart transactions occur on mobile devices.

  3. Simplify the shopping cart process:

    Many webstores' shopping carts hide all the extra fees (taxes, shipping, etc.) until the customer clicks “buy”. When they finally learn how much they're actually being charged, there's no way that they will purchase from that webstore again. If you want your customers to return to your eCommerce store, make sure that your shopping cart reveals all the extra fees and shipping costs up front.

  4. Don't make registration mandatory:

    Remember how customers like to get on a site quickly? Well, mandatory registration inhibits swift purchasing. While there's no harm in having a registration option on your page, make it optional and ensure that it doesn't complicate or interrupt the buying process.

  5. Make your site look trustworthy:

    eCommerce webstore customers love knowing that their personal information is being protected to the highest level possible, so you should do everything you can to make that clear. If you use verification services like Norton or VeriSign, display their logos prominently on your homepage, in the shopping cart, and at every step in the checkout process. Also display the logos for the credit cards you accept—customers respond positively to familiar brands.

  6. Have a marketing strategy:

    If you want people to visit the website, you need to market yourself properly. A good place to start is to create a Facebook page. Facebook is incredibly popular in almost every setting with individuals from nearly every demographic.

  7. Get personal:

    When you make an eCommerce webstore, you're creating a space to share your business philosophy with your customers. This can often be found on successful websites in the “About Us” section. Take advantage of this space; forging a more personal connection with your visitors by telling your story is a great way to increase conversions. For example, you could tell a story about your passion for the products that you are selling to appeal to consumers. Demonstrate that you're a member of the community who wants to help it thrive.

Zing Studio can get you up and running with a webstore whether you are in Geelong, Torquay, The Surf Coast or beyond – Call now on 0438 575 256 to get started!

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