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Creating Videos For Your Business Website

Creating video content, especially for your website has become an essential online marketing tool for every businesses. From videos about who you are and your product, to regular informational pieces, video is a simple way of engaging your clients. There are so many different uses for marketing videos.

Videos are the perfect way to communicate a lot of information in a few seconds – what your products or services are and look like and who you are as a company. Instead of wordy paragraphs, it can all be done in a one-minute clip. In our speedy society people are far more likely to watch a short video than read through lengthy text.

Video can capture something that text cannot convey – emotion. People are naturally drawn to body language, facial expressions and the human voice. All of which are brought together to engage an audience in what you have to say. Not only that, but you get bonus points from google for your search engine optimization (SEO) if you have videos on your website. Google loves videos. They even show up as individual results and are great for directing traffic to your website. Google also monitors how long people stay on a page. The longer people stay on the page, the higher your search engine rankings.

A video will keep customers on your site, even if it’s just for the length of the video! Video marketing is a great way of keeping your business moving forward. It is a simple way to keep up with customer engagement and keep you visible online. It can expand your potential audience worldwide and currently most websites are still not using video. Beat your competitors to the punch and get involved in the new way of marketing.

Here are some video ideas for your business:

  • Promotional videos that explain who you are and what you do
  • Virtual tours that show visitors your studio, accommodation options or office space
  • How to videos are a popular way to demonstrate how to install or use your product
  • Training videos can be a short video or series used to educate and train staff and representatives remotely.

A video on your website can turn a static wordy website into a dynamic and interactive destination. It will enhance your website and give your business a face that your audience can engage with.

Zing Studio has recently partnered with Killafish Productions to provide customers with killer videos for their websites.

Providing Business Website Videos for Geelong, The Surf Coast, Torquay and beyond.

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