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    Dennis Hooiveld
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Ongoing Maintenance for Your Website

Did you know that websites require ongoing maintenance? There are several tasks that should be completed regularly to keep your website in optimal shape.


Regular Website Backups

It’s important to backup your website frequently, especially if you tend to make changes to your site or blog often. Just as personal computers crash unexpectedly, servers can also crash, causing you to lose valuable parts of your company’s website. Don’t trust your web hosting service to perform backups for you since they might be infrequent. Avoid losing your precious work from a website hacker or server crash by backing up your website after every edit.

Stay On Top of Website Outages

You should know your website better than anyone else. That means being the first to learn if your website goes down, rather than hearing of it from a frustrated customer. Consider using website monitoring software to help you stay on top of outages. Website monitoring software constantly monitors your site and notifies you immediately if it becomes unreachable.

Keep Your Domain Registration Current

Make sure that the information associated with your domain name is current. To check, perform a WHOis search to see if the correct contact information comes up for your website. Update your email address regularly to avoid missing any important messages, like an expiry notice.

Monitor Website Download Speed

Ensuring that your site’s download speed stays constant is a must in order to retain visitors. Web users are impatient, so if your site or blog loads too slowly, they’ll move on. To avoid this, test the download speed of your site regularly, especially after adding new features. Make every effort to improve the download speed to ensure that visitors engage with your content and generate organic incoming links by sharing your site with others.

Check Website Links Frequently

Website links, either within your site or to external sources, can become outdated over time. That’s why it’s crucial to check all links on your site frequently to make sure that none are broken. Keeping links updated makes your site or blog an even more valuable resource for visitors.

Use a link checking tools to test both internal and external links once a month (minimum) to avoid any issues.

Stay Ahead of Software Updates

The content management system that most websites use these days (such as Joomla and Wordpress) all release frequent software updates. The same goes for third party software that you use on your site.

Avoid any issues with website functionality by keeping track of updates and installing them as soon as they’re issued. Often, updates include critical security optimisation that’s needed to keep your site as secure as possible.

Performing these website maintenance tasks regularly will help keep your site or blog in great shape, ensuring that your visitors keep coming back and building value for your brand.

Zing Studio provides website maintenance to businesses is Geelong, Torquay, The Surf Coast and beyond.

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