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    Dennis Hooiveld
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Quality Web Design Can Make the World of Difference

Your customers are not only using websites to find businesses, they are also using websites as a validation tool – to check professionalism of your business.

Think about it, if yours is a B2B business and someone gives you their card during at meeting or at an event: if their business interests you, what do you do when you get back to the office? You check out their website.

You check out their website to see: the services or products they provide; find out more about their business; and, you also make an assessment of their professionalism – or otherwise – by what you see.

That’s why it’s so important to have a quality website!

 Your customers are viewing your web design as part of their purchase decision. They’re using the information they find online about you to help them to decide whether they’re going to buy from you, or someone else.

It’s no longer enough to have a website that your brother’s mate’s cousin made, and it’s no longer enough to see a business website as purely a ‘web presence’.

Your website is a valuable marketing tool. It’s a portal into your business and it reflects directly upon your professionalism – if you’re a service provider or, if you’re a retailer, the quality of your products.

Zing Studio encourages business owners to ensure they choose a quality web design and a developer who understands how your customers will find you online. You also need a web developer who understands branding and the need for your Geelong web design to truly reflect your business’ brand.

If you’re in business, it’s definitely time to up the ante and recognise the important role your Geelong web design will play in the future of your business.



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  Dennis Hooiveld

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