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    Dennis Hooiveld
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Online Marketing Is The Future

The new age of marketing is here and it is not in the pages of your local newspaper, the yellow pages or on radio, it’s on the internet. Your customers are steadily shifting their attention away from radio, television, and print media to online platforms. The average adult spends over five hours a day online, while most people own a smart-phone or internet connected device.

Businesses now have many more options online to promote their products and services at a fraction of the price of traditional strategies. Staying connected is the top priority in the online market. Here are some simple tips to get you started online marketing:


Website Design

Ensure that your web design is done in such a way that instantly tells visitors what products and/or services you provide by using eye catching imagery and a slogan. Combine this with a strong call to action which stands out on each page. For example, what do you want visitors to do; call you, fill in a Contact Us form or make a purchase. Regularly updating content, which is useful and engaging, keeps visitors coming back and assists with search engine optimization (SEO).

Online Advertising

There are many ways to advertise online. Two common methods are Google Adwords and Facebook advertising. With Google Adwords you pay to have your ad show up on the first page of Google. Facebook allows your ad to show up in the newsfeed of Facebook users. You can target your ads to your ideal client very specifically. For example with Facebook you can set geographical area, age, sex and interests that they have.

Google Places

Signing up with Google Places help customers find you easily. When customers are searching for the products and/or services that you offer, a Google map will appear in their search results listing your business alongside it. Your listing can show your logo, photos, products, services, opening hours and geographical area serviced.

Social Media

Maintaining a strong social media presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter allows you to build your brand. Post useful and relevant information which your customers can directly interact with, share and comment on. Don’t do the hard sell; just get involved in the conversation to build awareness of your brand.

Email Marketing

By asking for your customers and prospective customer email address, you can market to them directly. Do this subtly by providing them with useful and relevant information to keep them from ‘opting out’. Occasionally slip in promotions or talk about the benefits of your products and/or services.

With so many options available it may all seem a bit daunting. However you don’t need to get involved in all of these options. Find out where your customers are hanging out online and dip your toe in the water.

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