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Is your website mobile friendly? Is your website mobile friendly?
    Dennis Hooiveld
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Don't Be Caught Out By Google's Mobile Friendly Algorithm Change!

Mobile-friendly or ‘responsive’ websites are more important today than ever, especially if you want to maximize your company's reach to potential customers. Since more consumers now browse online from their mobile phones than from computers, it's essential for your website to be mobile friendly. These days Google ranks websites based on their mobile-friendliness, so if your website is  not mobile friendly, it will likely be ranked lower in Goggle searches. Read on to get informed about mobile website design and gain an edge up on the competition.

What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

To put it simply, a mobile-friendly website adjusts to the screen size and software specifications of whatever device the user is accessing it from.

Mobile-friendly websites don’t:

  • Force users to scroll left and right in order to read through your site
  • Require visitors to pinch or zoom to adjust the website’s size on their device’s screen
  • Display links in ways that make them difficult to click on from a small screen
  • Use font that is too small to read from mobile devices

Thankfully, our mobile-friendly website designers at Zing Studio will ensure that your website is easily readable and functional from devices both large and small.

If your website still isn’t mobile friendly, potential customers will struggle when browsing through your site. This results in a bad user experience and runs the risk that visitors will quickly leave your site in favour of a competitor’s more easily navigable website.

Mobile Friendly Websites and The Numbers

More people use mobile devices than computers to shop online today. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Mobile devices like mobile phones now account for
  • 60% of global consumers use their mobile device as their primary or sole internet source
  • Mobile phones now account for 72% of web page views, compared to 27% from laptops and desktops

Mobile-friendly websites are the key to keeping your company’s products/services at the fingertips of potential customers and staying ahead of competitors.

Mobile friendly Web Design And Google Rankings

In an effort to make mobile-friendly websites more easily accessible to their users, Google has implemented new algorithms and ranking criteria that will push mobile-friendly websites higher up in Google searches. That means that if your website isn’t mobile friendly, your potential customers are more likely to buy from competitors with mobile-friendly websites. For your company to rise to the top of the list, it’s essential to follow Google’s criteria for mobile-friendly websites. To ensure that it’s mobile friendly, you can test your website here.

The Bottom Line: Website Redesign Made Simple

Luckily, Zing Studio’s web designers will help you redesign your website to make it mobile friendly! The process is simple since we can reuse the same content from your current site. Contact us today on  0438 575 256 to get started.

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