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Responsive Website Design

Responsive websites are designed with every internet capable device in mind

Recent surveys show that people are increasingly moving away from browsing the internet on their desktop computers. Many users today now prefer to use their mobile phones and tablets for browsing, checking their email, and social networking at all times of the day and night.

Given consumers’ growing shift from desktop usage to smartphones and tablets, it’s vital that your website is designed to respond and adapt to the latest technical trends. Business owners must ensure that their site is accessible from a diverse range of mobile devices and that it looks good on any screen, regardless of size. 

Unlike mobile web design, responsive web design uses emerging technologies to build websites so that the content and images on your webpage adjust automatically to fit different screen sizes and internet capable devices. If you happen to be viewing this article on a desktop browser, for example, try minimizing and maximizing your browser to different size lengths and widths. You should be able to see how the images and content adjust seamlessly to fit the changing size of your browser. This is a key feature of responsive websites: The user’s experience remains the same no matter what type of device the content is viewed on. As more consumers turn to mobile devices and tablets to shop online—especially during the peak evening hours—responsive design can ensure that users experience the familiarity of your website on their desktop, smartphone, and tablet. 

At Zing Studio here in Geelong, our web design experts will work with you no matter where you’re located in Australia, to reconfigure your existing website to make it responsive. We also offer customised responsive website design by building an entirely new website that is responsive in ways that are tailored to your specific business needs. And compared to mobile website design, there’s no need to create multiple versions of the website for all potential devices and screen sizes. Using the emerging technologies of responsive web design, we build you one website, with one foundation, to deliver a single theme that will adjust seamlessly across any internet capable device. 


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