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Writing copy for your website

Understand how readers do and don’t read on the Internet

When reading on the internet an individual will read at a pace of 25% slower than material that has been printed. Internet content should be shortened to half that printed material.

Readers scan and skip over text. They don’t read the content thoroughly

Jacob Nielson the usability expert found that 79% of readers on the internet skim through and scan instead of thoroughly reading the material word by word. Use text that has been highlighted, colored or is in bold to make your important information stand out. Bulleted lists also attracts readers to the important content.

Internet readers are impatient

Internet readers want to get the information they are searching for quickly. Long and complicated text annoys readers because they don’t have the patience or the time for it. The endless scrolling of content is not enjoyable at all. Readers will go to another site if your website isn't easy and enjoyable to read.

A website has just:

  • 10 seconds to secure interest
  • Under 60 to convey your message

Readers avoid content that is filled with information that isn't useful

Readers don’t want to waste their time and energy reading information that is not relevant to them. Give your readers content in small morsels that can be digested fast. Try using just one idea for each paragraph using short sentences. Start using significant headlines with your content along with sub-headlines as this will help readers obtain the information they are looking for in a fast easy way.


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