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Zing helps InTune Myotherapy increase business by 26%

Moving her business from Boronia to Torquay, myotherapist and owner of InTune Myotherapy, Amy Vogels, had to build a new clientele in a

new area. The practice, which is located in Torquay along the Surf Coast and close to Geelong, first opened in early 2013. Amy created a new business name and logo for her new location to freshen up the look of her practice.

Prior to opening, Amy placed advertisements in the local paper and left flyers in letter boxes around town, relying on these efforts as well as word of mouth to attract clients for her practice’s launch. However, despite her advertising endeavours, she had only attracted enough clients for a day or two of work, if that.   

What Amy needed was a better method of attracting clients—more accessible, more efficient, and more current. She came to our team at Zing Studio seeking to build a website after realising that the modern customer relies on an organisation’s website for information. Our experts at Zing Studio not only created a fully informative and easily navigable website for InTune Myotherapy, but went even further to attract customers, utilizing our expertise to ensure that potential customers would discover her business with ease.

Our team worked with Amy to reach a solid understanding of her business that allowed us to develop a website with a look and feel appealing to her specific clientele. Despite having created a successful product, her website was still not ranked as competitively as we wished by the most popular search engines. After further discussion, we conducted extensive keyword research to raise the website’s position in the search results. A stronger understanding of her clientele led to a better list of keywords for which her potential customers would be searching (e.g. relief and treatment of various medical conditions, aches, and pains) in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Search. 

We performed Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of Amy’s website to ensure her business’s high ranking in keyword searches, using our expert SEO techniques. Additionally, we set up her website with Google Places, which shows the location of her business on Google Maps, as well as the products and services she offers, photos of her business, and a link to her website.

Once Amy was settled with her new website, we helped her with her online marketing strategy and familiarised her with social media websites such as Facebook that would help publicise her business. Zing Studio staff walked her through creating and maintaining a Facebook page, showing her how to integrate it into her website. We offered further strategies on how to use her Facebook page to increase brand awareness and drive company sales.  

Zing Studio currently hosts Amy's website and provides ongoing SEO and support for online marketing. She has concluded that 26% of her customers have discovered her services through her online efforts, including her Facebook page and website.


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